Next Tech Jam 9th July

At Fibre Hub Pool

For anyone interested in technology, of all ages and abilities.
Ask questions and learn about programming (Scratch, Python, Minecraft and much more).
Find out about interfacing computers with the physical world.

Photograph showing a hive of activity at April's Tech Jam

Programme of Activities

10am - 2pm Touch, code and play with gadgets and computers

Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult

Come down and join us

Get coding

Learn about programming on a variety of platforms including Arduino and Raspberry Pi in various languages.

Equipment here to use

We have numerous computers as well as Raspberry Pi's for anyone to use. You don't need to bring anything unless you want to.

Participate in ongoing projects

There are numerous ongoing projects that you can get involved in for a taster before starting your own.

Bring your own projects

We'd love you to see what you've been up to so please bring down what you've been working on!

Various skillsets

The Tech Jam is run by volunteers (hobbyists and professionals) who have a broad spectrum of experience in lots of areas.

We could use your help

From soldering, organising events, programming and general help, we could use your help regardless of ability.

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